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Quality Redefined, Innovation Unleashed

Newel Packaging delivers innovative solutions that help improve supply chain performance, facilitating the secure, swift and efficient transit of goods without impacting material integrity.

Newel Packaging is creating new benchmarks in the protective packaging industry. We specialize in the design & manufacture of Nailless Packaging Boxes, a smart solution that is finding wide acceptance owing to its flexible design, high reusability and exceptional quality (ISPM 15 standards).

Excellence is the bedrock of our business. Every single packaging unit that rolls out of our plant is the culmination of immaculate design, premium quality materials and superior workmanship.

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Years Of Expirience

Newel Edge: Unmatched Benefits

Setting the Standard: Newel Packaging Redefines Protective Excellence


Creating new functional designs by utilizing design expertise & the latest tools.


State-of-the-art production facility with streamlined, optimized workflow for improved operational efficiency.

Quality Assurance

A focus on world class quality, with stringent measures integrated into the production process.

Cost Control

Enabling real savings to customers by delivering tailormade solutions that eliminate wastage and reduce time as well as effort in packing/unpacking.

Customer Support

Dedicated Sales & Marketing Department for efficient customer service with rapid response.

Risk Management

Mitigating Risks, Maximizing Success: Navigating Safely with Expertise and Assurance

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